Phone Skills For Veterinary Practices

Training so your team can comfortably and consistently attract and retain more clients one call at a time.

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Communicate value of services

Dr. Donnelly's video training gives your employees what they want and need most when answering the phone, including how to be more efficient and still provide outstanding, personalized service to callers.

Convert cost inquiry calls to appointments

Your team will learn how to differentiate the practice and confidently explain the value of services when quoting fees so that callers make an appointment.

Engage and educate pet owners on the phone

Team members learn how to identify simple, authentic ways to connect with callers as well as the 3 keys to confidently educating pet owners about veterinary care.

Training made easy

A comprehensive set of nine online instructional videos and over 20 downloadable tools and training guides so managers have everything they need to implement, refresh and repeat an effective training program for a year. Plus,  coaching calls with Dr. Donnelly!

Helping more pets get care they deserve

When your team is able to do their jobs more comfortably and  effectively, clients will be impressed and most importantly, more pets will get care they deserve!

Invest in your team now

Imagine your team energized and equipped to do their jobs with a fresh perspective on what it means to provide outstanding service to every caller. Theyโ€™ll come away with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for their job and that means higher job satisfaction and less turnover. And more clients, appointments and referrals for your practice means a better bottom line.

Message from Dr. Amanda Donnelly

Click the video below to hear how Phone Skills for Veterinary Practices can benefit your practice.


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